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(What I Read)

Thai Buddhist Practices
A substantial part of this project is getting out and about. Until we get around to traveling more, I am reading more. I am reading much more than I ever have.

In addition to it being a good concentration exercise, it is helping with thought distillation.

One of thoughts I had was to share some of those thoughts.

So, here is a page that will do that.

I will link the titles back to whatever article I ingested and re-post my comments here.

I would very much appreciate hearing from you and highly value your input.

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Charles Bukowski

Gun Comedy
Music and Meditation

I believe yes would be the answer and here’s my theory why.

There is NO silence! Well, no silence in the pure literal sense of that word’s meaning. We do have within us an ability to create a personal space that is vacuous of sensorial connection – disconnected from the physical word.

Actually, there is no sound or light for that matter, inside our heads. What we experience is the interpretation of electrical impulses generated by our nervous systems which have converted all incoming sensorial contact to electricity. So, paradoxically, there is no internal sound, either.

I ascribe to the belief that there is an ever present and pervasive Cosmic Vibration; and vibration = sound. In my construct, that Vibration can and does stimulate imagery in humanity’s heads and then those images are translated into various languages. I believe there are tones in music that can help invert that flow and guide, or redirect, attention back to the Source or create a communing space with said Cosmic Vibration.

The root meaning of the term “Mantra” is that it is a sound, a tone, a vibration. It is not really considered to be a word; and in that way it may help avoid the trap of focus being caught by the grasp of thinking. A mantra can be held suspended away from our linear minds. Music serves well as a form of mantra – both, being capable of assisting a person visit the present, where eternity hides.

The Divine Court

I consider myself to be an eclectic spiritualist. I have looked into many of the world’s religions and religious texts. I guess I became eclectic because I started noticing all the commonalities.

I was reminded of one of my favorite Old Testament stories as I read your piece. Daniel and the Lions den. The most important part of that parable, for me, is that after he finds out he is … shall we say, in trouble, he goes home and ascends to the highest room of his house; where he continues to pray. I believe the “highest room of the house” is a metaphor for … never mind. The most important word in the story is “continued”! He didn’t fall on hard times and start to pray. He had a long standing and well developed pattern of such behavior.

I have never met a person who has such a pattern of behavior that can not deal with adversity. Since I formed such a habit I have more peace of mind, serenity and confidence in the future. I recommend the exercise.

Creative Living, Enriched Loving

Ah … the paradox of chasing wild geese … how would the term “goose bumps” come into being without such folly? You know very well my activity, as of late, is literally “in concrete ways.” The floor will be finished in four or five days. It is almost time to reflect on the next phase.

I asked myself this question today: What would you consider the distinctions to be between thinking about a plan and contemplating an idea?

Perhaps, thinking is too limited, although I do find value in the practice. Usually, ideas are bigger than me and when I reflect or consider their potential(s) all sorts of new doors and windows … nay, vistas open. An idea can be a germinating seed. Thinking can be a hard row to hoe. I believe we can create our thoughts via the thinking process and/or avail ourselves of the thoughts drifting in the ether – Jung’s Collective Consciousness.

Choose carefully the subjects you think about because focus and repetition will store those passing acts of free will as thoughts. Once a strong thought is married to a substantial feeling a belief is created; and your beliefs mold your life.

All that is brazenly based on the belief that humanity exists in a matrix of commonality; and I have spent some time thinking about that; to the point that it made sense to me and felt right.

I am happy to share my perspective. Please do your own research.

How to Aim High: 3 Steps to Create Your Personal Vision

“The purpose of my life is to contribute to the happiness and well-being of as many people as possible.” I like that Jinny. In my magic magnifying mind it would possibly cross a few boarders and might even get lost in the wilderness. On September 12, 2001 I booted up my computer and the word of the day was “ameliorate”. That’s my plan and I’m stickin’ to it.

The challenge, of course, is I don’t always know what is best or better. Sometimes I just pay attention to not detracting from a particular situation.

I had a similar motivation, as yours, when I started my blog. BUT, being the fickle and fallible human that I am, it overwhelmed me … or I entered another phase that I didn’t recognize right away. Just about that time a new plug-in became available and now I feed several contributors stuff into my site. It is all still Gems via Thailand.

Here’s a core belief of mine. I believe everyone’s life gets better (is ameliorated) when they model rigorous self honesty. It was a simple place for me to start; just get out of bed and show the folks I came in contact with that I know how to NOT lie to myself. Simple – Not easy!

Happiness Tip: Embrace Difficulty

I often choose challenge, occasionally inadvertently, so I stopped thinking of any ensuing events as adversarial. Whether what pops up is part of the original idea, or the Universe’s idea, I adjust my future choices to facilitate acceptance.

Several years ago I considered, reflected on and decided to leave the USA. I move to Thailand. Naturally, acclimating to a very simple life in a small village required a lot of learning. Language continues to be a challenge. Understanding the traditional culture of this nation – another… and then I decided to build a living home. (I just bought a MIG welder. Something I’ve wanted to learn about for forty years.)

I knew it was called “the Land of Smiles” before I came here. I am slowly growing in an understanding of why Thailand deserves that nick-name.

Is life difficult?

Well, I use to tell this story:

Once upon a time I had everything I wanted, everything I could dream of, not a care in the world – life was perfect …. and then my mother went into labor!

Are You Aging or Ageless?

Well, Jinny, I was recently reflecting on Nietzsche’s line, “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” If that is true, I will be an Olympian by the time I die.

… and I had an entirely new thought after reading your post. I am such a perverse individual. (Not that thought. That’s a reoccurring theme.)

I’ve had some reoccurring pain lately. I got 4 cubic yards of gravel for my birthday and spent two days moving it from the front yard to the back yard. My back is sore. Now … the history of my back is that it was first maladjusted by an industrial accident when I was twenty-two. I studied physical therapy for a couple of decades and intermittently regained my youth. When I was forty-six a drunk ran a red light and proceeded as if my car was invisible. I felt very very old for several months. I got over it.

The irony; the paradox, the perverseness of my perception is that when I have back pain it reminds me of my youth.

… and of course, via that course, I have acquired a pile of knowledge about both physical and metaphysical therapy – how to create times and spaces between my-Self and the pain my body carries.

Here is a very old tune that speaks well … taught me well.

The World’s Most Powerful Creative Act: Begin Again!

I’m thinkin’ the Huff picks the titles. “Begin Again!” is a very restrictive and linear concept. I see it as in direct contradiction to – “What flows through us, the invisible substance animating our very life, knows no limitation, no immoveable object, and no defeat.” … doesn’t take breaks or get interrupted.

I, also, want to blabber about thinking and having thoughts. That subject has been on my mind for a while. My most concise distillation, which may well change, is: Thoughts have a mind of their own. Thinking is your responsibility.

“Our lives tomorrow take shape in accord with the thinking we do today.”

I have trouble nailing this down, but I really feel that the statement, “Every thought creates.” is inaccurate. (every act of thinking … yes.)

Perhaps, thoughts are more like feelings – we have them. As with both, it is our reaction or response, to said experiences, behaviorally that evokes change. Thinking is a behavior. Having a thought is an experience. (as is, having a feeling … not legitimately assailable?)

Hahaha I think thoughts get a bad rap. Give ‘em a break. Give ‘em their freedom. Be very careful what you think about them.

There seems to be more confusion between that verb and noun than there is between the two verbs – can and may.

…. And that’s all I have to say, today.

Ok, ok, ok … a thousand more words http://pinterest.com/pin/164029611400433426/

What did you say?


We just met and … and inspite of my reluctance, I feel inclined to share a few of my neurotic perspectives. I want to be supportive. This is intended not to be critical … just a presentation of a different point of view; perhaps even just a different way of choosing words to articulate a similar point of view.

Love, love, love ,love, love ….

#’s 1 and 2 seem strong. I had a bit of a blip in #3. I feel sensitive to the use of “I am”. Briefly, in context – I feel tired or I feel anger/pissed off. I like the part about drawing a distinction between feelings and emotions. “Thoughts create emotions that without the filter of inner peace create beliefs and behaviors that are often not in alignment with our Truth.” That’s a very power filled sentence.

I’ve been going ‘round and ‘round about thoughts … and thinking for a while, which brings us to #4.

I’m not sure it is possible to control thoughts; much as it is futile to control feelings. I believe they both need to be free. We need to control our relationship to them. They both provide valuable information and can both be deadly traps… or not.

#5 Yes, manage them. Yes, I agree emotions are the result of our behavioral choices. Thinking is a behavior – a verb. Thoughts just are – a noun.

“It can be positive, it can be negative; it depends on exactly what you are thinking about.”

My favorite Shakespeare line – “Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Excellent use of the term “manage”. I, also, strongly believe the world will be a better place when more people have a better understanding of their basic responsibilities.

I hope that wasn’t too much.

Love, love, love ,love, love ….

Happiness Tip: Stand Up Straight

I certainly agree with the value of good posture. It has long been a challenge for me. I slouched through a relatively normal American adolescents. In my early twenties I blew out a few discs in my lower back. I lost a lot of flexibility and my head wants to drop forward to compensate.

Now, I am in my early 60’s. I practice stretching and moderate balanced exercise. I do my best to remain vigilant of my heads posture. I work to keep my chin tucked. I image that I am being pulled upward via the fontanel.

PS: I have moved to Thailand. One of the many things that impress me about the people of this country is their posture. I suspect it has a lot to do with the lack of furniture. The squat is a wonderful stance for stretching and balance.

Are You a Guru Junkie?

I may be mistaken. My memory is not always trustworthy.

As I recall, Guru is the two words gu and ru put together. Visible and invisible, literally, but the reasonable translation is one who assists in helping a student bring the invisible into view. I think, originally that was Invisible (with a capital I) and into view was basically into consciousness via real perceptions in the physical world.

Something like that. I would paraphrase Guru as a teacher who helps one see God. And then there’s the play on the spelling of the word, “Gee you are you!”

How Old Are You, Really?

If I am a spiritual being having a human experience, the age of my spirit could be considered irrelevant. For all intents and purposes, it is the quality of this present experience that is pertinent, yes?

This body has taught me quite a bit. It has not necessarily served me well; we certainly have not traveled pain free. None-the-less, I was fortunate to have been counseled, at an impressionable age, to do the best I could with what I got.

That old Bob Dylan line makes more and more sense as the pages fly off the calendar – “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

My birthday is right around the corner. I started this life with the command – March forth! For some inexplicable reason, I’ve been thinking of the upcoming anniversary as the third time I will be twenty-one.

Go figure!


Bringing Love Alive During Holidays Challenged by Absence and Loss: 5 Steps

I am thankful for a relatively reliable reoccurring belief that this physical word is a small percentage of all there is. I was, once, very surprised to learn that the physical universe is 99% hydrogen. Everything else is a very small part of everything.

Maybe the metaphysical universe is analogous. I don’t know why such theories bring me solace, but they do. In the arena of that imagination, if I can bring something or someone to mind, we are together. I believe Life exists in or on more dimension than either you or I have ever dreamed possible. Why restrict myself to this plane of pain and pleasure?

Perhaps pain and pleasure are for the same purpose; to help us identify our connectedness. I acknowledge their propensity for distraction! We appear to be individual humans, but are essentially Humanity. We need a preponderance of acceptance of personal responsibility in order for our collective consciousness to create a more harmonious environment.

Sometimes life is not so easy to embrace. Is there a viable alternative? What changes can empathy and supportive action manifest? If I feel my pain; if I feel your pain; if I feel the pain, will I choose Love or fear?

Compassion can become our paramount inner experience, the source of and fuel for our expressions of kindness. While being kind unequivocally, in the spirit of anonymity, we will often surf waves of sympathetic joy; and thus the atmosphere of equanimity will pervade.

Creating Out of Nothing: Back to Basics

Good time for a break from concrete. One more batch today and the footer will be finished. I hope to create an anorexic monolith two meters tall and eleven meters long. Oh yeah, and put a floor around our neighbor’s cooking area. My wife enjoys volunteering my services.

My intellectual approach has three compartments: either, or, and I don’t know – as is in: Love, fear or I feel confused.

There’s: art, science and what the heck is going on? Art and science are two nice dichotomies. Maybe not dichotomies, as much as, progeny and parent. First there is science – the study of something. Naturally, this does not apply categorically to preschoolers. So, maybe the artistic capabilities are inherent to the species and we learn to forget about them. That’s one of those – I don’t know; I feel confused parts.

Anyway, pretty much everyone has a creative relationship with life. It’s just that many don’t think of it as creative. Some think of it as tedium. One is either studying or being artistic. To bring into being via action is art, as in, the science of medicine; then the art of medicine, also called practice.

Remember that old question? “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

So, see the art you offer; be mindful of it. It will evolve the more appreciation you have for your unique creativity. Well, you know … once the, “Oh no, I can’t!” lie is no longer echoing.

Firing Up Your Creative Spirit to Soar: 5 Tactics From the Greats

My hind sight isn’t 20/20. I wonder if my assumptions about my past are any more valid than my understanding of this present. I’m grateful it is less and less important to know. I have always had a strong confidence that, if I lived long enough, many seemingly detracting qualities would fall by the wayside. I trusted my tenacious determination to out distance erroneous behavior.

As I read, I was reminded of a powerful external influence …, but really, such a catalyst can only ignite preexisting fuel. Anyway, it was R. Buckminster Fuller and his lamenting about the dominate quest of humanity to “earn a living”. His premise … you know … my synopsis of his thoughts … was it would be a better planet if people were free to have relationships with their lives.

So, I gave it a shot.

Sometimes, I feel sad that I lacked so much understanding about the dynamics of relationships, but I did the best I could to stay open to learning. In spite of the arduousness, apparent impossibility and flat out misery; on a daily basis I got up and did it again. I suppose, if my decision to have a relationship to life had not quickly brought me to intimate experiences with Life … who knows.

Sometimes I boast that the life I have lived killed most people. Perhaps I would have fallen with them if I weren’t such a willing student …. I don’t know.

Dr Cara BarkerDr Cara BarkerDr Cara BarkerDr Cara BarkerDr Cara BarkerDr Cara Barker

How Bold Is Your Creative Expression? Guidelines to Find Your Mojo

I lack an objective perspective, but I’m thinkin’ how my expressions manifest are on the bold side. I believe they have become more emboldened since I change my name; adopted a pseudonym. Also, I have more freedom and opportunities for expression since I have settled into this wonderful Thai lifestyle.

I made a decision a while ago to connect this humble home to cyberspace. That act has opened doors and ushered me into non linear hallways expanding and spreading out across interestingly evolving horizons. [I like to note that my first computer was a pencil and a piece of lined paper. Just to be able to participate in “Social Networking” requires creativity unknown previously.]

A little while ago, I started making, what I call, Pst-lettes. They are pictures I have taken with words overlaid. Sometimes my thoughts; sometimes quotes of others. They keep changing. Last week I started inlaying a head shot of word’s author. (By the way, it is Uell S. Andersen) Anyway, since I have been experimenting with editing, which I think is now becoming Graphic Art, the new photos I capture are very different.

So, there’s some mysterious synergy in giving one’s self permission to stretch the envelope; for it to be ok to make a few messes and tally up a pile of mistakes…. and yup; I just wrote a piece called A Photographers Philosophy. Go figure!

How Effective Is Your Resting Place To Create What Moves Heart And Soul?

Well, first thing I put that Neville Goddard onto a picture I took in Lao a few days ago.

I think there’s something about the word trust that defies articulation; maybe it is the corridor in which segueing to faith transpires. Trust eases open the door and illumes the path, doesn’t it?

Some of my creativity is bonded with whatever camera I have. But, the camera is only the catalyst. It frees me to look at my surroundings in an open and inquiring way. It turns on my radar! The craft of compressing digitized data is so multidimensional. Film was a great foundation for understanding composition and light. The potentials for envisioning are exponential, now.

I just got back from four days in Lao. I walked around a lot and rented a bicycle, too. There were several times that I was inundated with … with … with a sense of awe, freedom, liberty, appreciation and an honoring acknowledgment of my space and time. I had never been on those streets; I didn’t know where I was most of the time; I certainly didn’t know where I was going or what was ahead. I just acted as if it was all perfectly natural and it was; and that feeling is indescribably delicious on the palate of my soul!

I would love to show you all my pictures. I took hundreds. They’re slowly being prepared for presentation and leaking online through the gateway of my blog.

The Soul of an Artist: Top 20 Characteristics to Invoke Your GPS

I sometimes wonder why I don’t always do what I plan to do. Then I realize that I don’t really “know” what I’m doing, rarely make plans. I do take solace in the belief that I am following or being lead by Intentions.

I like to think I’m pretty good with my priorities, but continue to be amused by the way they rearrange themselves while I’m sleeping.

I’m tellin’ ya, turn your head for a second….!

Actually, I spent too much time dancing the Twitterbug, yesterday. I find it very pinteresting; so is facing a book; although, perhaps, smaller doses are more prudent.

I consider one of the great gifts in my live to have been the wiliness to pay attention to old people. Hahahaha You’re an old person and, now, so am I. I’m still listening, but have tuned to a wider generational arena.

Anyway, I think there’s a glitch in the American culture. Somehow all that rugged individualism disrupted a rather natural order of trickle down wisdom. Thank God I was a recalcitrant young man. It is such a wonderful stream to flow with; even or particularly when engulfed by white water and bouncing of rocks.

250 words slide by quickly ….

Yes, yes and yes … You have recently tapped into an expanded form of edification flowing from the fountain and are lucidly articulating the contents of the trickling tributaries.

Meditation: The Direct Way to Inner Happiness

I like to think … I like to think it is a good idea not to think. Meditation keeps all that in balance or flowing smoothly or expanding continuously. I recently started adding little quips to photographs. I suppose it is a stage in the quest for stability, order and balance within the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest triangle. I just did one that says, “Regularity can be a fertile seedbed from which enlivening spontaneity may sprout.”

Also … there have been some adjustments or enhancements or rearranging within my Trinity neurosis. The whole heart mind duality duel has festered a while. I often hear my old teacher, “What is NOT God?” My question – why does mind get such a bad rap? Maybe it is just a comfort zone issue. The heart is apparently less threatening. A mind can be a pretty scary place to venture around in unassisted.

Anyway … I have tasked my soul with sorting all that out. There are early reports that any metaphysical trinity is not a three dimensional triangle; equilateral or not; congruent or not. I think a nice trinity is a balanced blending of dualistic polarity merged mirthfully or wrapped nurturingly within Oneness, somewhat in the way a flat white ceiling just becomes what it is.

Soul Leading, Body Following: Trusting the Guidance to Dance

Sawadee krb Cara. I seem to be a bit discombobulated as of late. I suppose that reflects a degree of involvement with on line activities. Yes, regardless of how convinced I would like to be about being comfortable as an introvert, spending a few days without my connection to all the social formats that have slowly crept in, was revealing.

I sensed a lot of courage in your piece. It takes an enigmatic strength to accept pain, doesn’t it? To lack understanding, move through fog or somehow ebb and flow within “shock” is a mysterious educator. I suppose ….

I suppose it is or it isn’t. That’s an easy way to think. Things feel right or don’t. There is collectiveness or we’re autonomous. If I keep pairing those alternatives, it all seems rather silly. Usually, I feel like I am expressing heart felt beliefs that have journeyed through a maze of Mind. That could be completely delusional, but I think our Soul is proficient at collecting concepts, formulating languages and articulating ideas. God bless those who effusively overflow and warmly reflect our radiant Oneness. Yeh! And, God bless all the thought dancers that mingle words with experiences thereby extrapolating impressions to be exchanged for other’s edification. If we are created in the image of anything, I feel confident that said reflection would emanate a completeness capable of encompassing all the facets.

Otherwise we probably would have a heck of a lot less to talk about, don’t you think?

GPS to a Quiet Mind: 6 Meditative Steps to Freedom

Perhaps understanding the word meditation is more challenging than practicing the process. I am appreciative of you service. Proliferating greater understanding of that process is important. I believe that once someone becomes willing to try; and perseveres in their efforts, there is an awakening of an autopilot. Sort of like the first experience draws the next and so on and so on.
It helped me to understand these stages of progression: concentration being a good beginning (I started with a candle.); which led to comfortable contemplation; and ultimately unencumbered meditation.
These two paragraphs are stored where I uploaded many of the URL’s for stuff I read and comment on http://gemsviathailand.com/w-i-r/
[Place the tip of the tongue behind and between the two front teeth. Then draw it back over that little cliff of the gums, back along the roof of the hard palate to where it ends and turns soft. Feel that spot there? There is a spot and if you imagine a line from it up through your head, the other pole is the fontanel. The line passes through the hypo thalamus. (Just repeating what I was told.)
Breathe in through the fontanel – exhale upwardly. Experience each breath with the tongue. When going through any experience or encountering any distraction, curl the tongue, move your awareness to the fontanel and rise above it.]

Disarming Distractions, Returning to Soul

I don’t know why. Any reason might be good; might be bad. When I ask only what is being accomplished? Things make more sense.

I like common denominators. I consider these two to be married and living unilaterally within all life forms: primarily, all life strives to survive; secondarily, all life strives to re-create itself. It seems that the creative drive can extrapolate within people ad infinitum. Easy to wonder why, but I prefer to look at how and in which ways those forces manifests themselves.

When the formula of fear is interjected … well, creativity can become quite destructive, can’t it?

Fear of diminished survival is a very powerful force. It seems to create a susceptibility to counterproductive influences.

All that is very very human, as far as I’m concerned; and ya know, as a being, I’m not very concerned. Why? Because what I have accomplished is an acceptance of that human nature. In addition there has been much endeavoring with a continuing practice of sublimating those primal drives via the inspirations of a blossoming spiritual awakening.

It is only the body and its personality that can be threatened. To paraphrase a famous quote: I AM impervious to entropy. The inertia of Life is indefatigable. Gravity does not cause things to fall. It merely explains why larger masses attract smaller masses. There is no lack of motion anywhere. Why would I think that will ever change?

Meditating Moms: A Silent Revolution

Once upon a time, in a land and time that is now very far away, I had a modest obsession with the Smothers Brothers. Perhaps, it was they who first prodded my pursuit of philosophy. No matter. In 1963 they released an album titled “Curb Your Tongue Knave” Twenty-five years latter I sat with an exalted teacher. He instructed us in the technique of curving one’s tongue.

Curl you tongue. (Saliva that ensues has been called “Yogi’s Tea”.)

You may know this. I will write as if you don’t.

But, first, it is worth mentioning that the basic posture of the head can add to the meditative experience and such posturing can be carried “off the pillow”. The seventh chakra is the fontanel. That is a wonderful spot from which to imagine your self being suspended. Doing so tends to cause the chin to drop and be pulled in a bit.

Continued below … Mid-stream – PS: Children easily learn this; well, except for very talkative ones!
Part II

Place the tip of your tongue behind and between your two front teeth. Then draw it back over that little cliff of the gums, back along the roof of the hard palate to where it ends and turns soft. See if you can feel a spot there. There is a spot and if you imagine a line from it up through your head, the other pole is the fontanel. The line passes through the hypo thalamus.

Breathe in through the fontanel – exhale upwardly. Experience each breath with the your tongue. As you go through any day and encounter any mundane distraction, curl your tongue, move your awareness and rise above it.

5 Soul-Thoughts for a Radiant Life

Once upon a time, I was introduced to a passage from Exodus, of the Old Testament. “I AM THAT I AM.” As I understand it, within the context of Judeo/Christian teachings that is the only recorded instance of God speaking directly to a “human Being” and introducing its Self. Since I was already very neurotic, it wasn’t much of a stretch to become obsessed with the use of said affirmation, “I AM ..” I have ardently endeavored to followed that introduction with Truth. A side effect of that was to make more conscious statements about how I was feeling. Go figure!

Be assured my behavior has not been exemplary. If I live long enough I might be able to bring the destructiveness of my youth into an ameliorated balance. I am all for congruency. A challenge I have observed is within the filtering system of the internal messaging. As the bubbles rise out of the primordial ooze, they expand and float above the bogs bed though messy murky water. Since the eradication of the alligator infestation, it has been less hazardous to work at draining that swamp. I think I’ll leave the section over there unaltered; Lotus Blossoms have begun to pervade and flourish.

Buddha Nature and the Divided Brain

Ok! I’m a bit testy this morning – might have been better not to read previous comments first. Just before, I was practicing relaxing and considering my options: meditate or get back into the fray of cyberspace.

I found your efforts and inclinations for amelioration to be a probable boon to any who where looking for what could add to their environment. I chose to extract excerpts, run the URL through Bitly shortener, post via Twitter and into my Facebook Page. I, also, forwarded the content to my FB timeline.

I’m a lay person in this field, but I am none-the-less warmed by the light that emanates here. I have absolutely no idea why bizarre theories of neuroscience inspire me. It could be an influence from forty years of mediation. It could simply be because I have a neurotic relationship to the concept of amelioration. It is not important why; only to … do what one can, feels like needs being done, and hope to make it out of the valley of death; to paraphrase Tennyson.

I blog, although I don’t think I understand that word. I have a page called *Global Perspectives* http://bit.ly/zC7JlE It is an expression of a thought I had – a thought about promoting the sharing of perspectives.

Nobody gets outa here alive; let’s do what we can to smooth the ride.

5 Ways to Make Effective Decisions

I make very quick decisions. Much of that habit was developed while driving professionally in South Florida. Many of those choices were life or death; and here I am writing that recollection.

I once found a quote from a respected source that suggested, if a certain course of action was followed, “… we would intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle us,” I set out to bring that goal to fruition, which is to say, I learned to trust my choices.

I, in no way, wish to detract from the value of your suggestions. If I had encountered them fifty years ago, I’m sure they would have helped smooth what was a bumpy road.

Have people changed? Are there more folks willing to pick up good advice and practice it? I hope so. My way was undoubtedly the hard way.

What Does It Mean to You?

Perhaps, the 4th step is “infamous” for either people who have never done one or folks who look at it through their “magical magnifying minds.”

Four is basically very straight forward! It is a moral inventory.

A good starting point is to define “moral” for yourself or have a sponsor tell you what it is and use their definition as your guideline. Keep in mind there was mention in the BB of need for a “moral psychology”. It can be helpful to become intimately familiar with verbiage before the steps and keep those words in perspective. All those words were from a 1930’s context. Meanings shift. So, morality is a relative term that morphs in context. Define it as it applies to the highest vision of your life.

Step 4 has nothing to do with “character defects” that’s step 5. Somewhere back there someone decided to create 4.10 or 4.52, whatever. Four is a moral inventory.

Once you get that down, all the prep four 5, is much easier.

FYI – AA came into being when Dr. Bob finished a relapse and did his 9th step. Before that Bill was the only sober person working “his” program. Once Dr Bob finished his 9th step AA became a “we” program. Bill wrote the Big Book, but it was edited by over a 100 people.

Again, start with a personal understanding of morality. If you lack that, no inventory is possible.

10 Ways 10 Days of Silence Will Blow Your Mind

555555555 would be a bi-lingual (w/English) Thai person’s LOL, because neung, song, sahm, see, ha; is 1-5.

I was in Thailand for a year. While back in the US, I heard of a Vipassana Center south of Olympia, WA, where I was staying. I thought about checking it out. Coincidentally, I met a student from there. They explained to me that I would have to learn Pali to study there. 555555555 was my response, followed by: Well, I guess I’ll just wait until I get back to Thailand.

I participate in a few cyberspace activities. Occasionally, I bump into folks who offer to answer any question one might like addressed. I always ask: Why are Thai people so happy? They are you know – world famous for it; with Thailand’s nickname being “The Land of Smiles.”

I started informal studying with a wonderful Thai restaurant owner. Great fare and food for thought there at Sushi Masa in Boca Raton, FL.

Since I’ve been back here ….. well, I get a lot of practice not talking and even more not understanding. I really do like listening to monks chant, none-the-less. I think that has helped me become much more comfortable with my lack of understanding.

It might be good; it might be bad; I don’t know, but that’s the way it is.

PS: FYI readers: Spelt Vipassana; pronounced more like We pahs sah nah.

Staying True to the ‘Course’

Forty or forty-five years ago I tried journaling. I could never read my own handwriting. Anyway, it was safe to assume the FBI was keeping detailed notes and I could, perhaps at some point, review their observations. I’m pretty sure the “Statue of Limitations” has seen its day, so now I blog and post all these comments there.

I think we may have approached life’s challenges via somewhat similar ordeals. The book that helped me is referred to as “The Big Book”; or “The Other Big Book” by some. It is a nice shade of deep blue. I’m not sure if its message should be considered enlightening, but it has enabled my life to continue unabated or impeded by drastic alternatives. Passing it on is a built in process for said fellowship; although the theme of attraction versus promotion still confuses me sometimes.

TCM is certainly an esteemed solution.

It is not uncommon that some consider a “solution” to be the answer. No! A solution is a pathway to an answer or The Answer in this context. Many folks are aware of twelve step programs. Not all realize that eleven of those steps are considered a solution; the twelfth is stated as an answer to the original problem, which is never directly defined in the text, but can be assumed to be the state of spiritual unconsciousness.

“Having had a spiritual awakening AS A RESULT OF …”

God bless the people that don’t have to be backed into a corner to find an awakening.

Amen to any, and all, easier softer ways!

Can We Remove Thoughts From the Mind?

Nice article. I enjoyed the manner in which the process of mind activity was laid out or broken down.

I have long let my thoughts have a mind of their own. They are free to come and go as they please. Yes, I still need to practice the exercise of not grabbing hold of them and convoluting them with thinking. I consider thoughts a natural phenomena; where as thinking involves choices and is a behavior. So, no, I don’t believe thoughts can be removed.

The saying in this neighborhood/village is: think good; speak good; do good.

There was a time I spent time being sad that many people are unaware of their responsibility for the behavior of thinking; not thoughts, just thinking.

The Inner Compass of Being

William, I’m a little rocked back by the synchronicity of this article and the parallels of many of my surfacing thoughts. I’ve had to take a few minutes and wrestle with the options of being redundant in my writing or just copying and pasting. I’m going with the later. Here’s is a link to a post about “In Which Season are You?” http://gemsviathailand.com/in-which-season/
And this is parts of a response, earlier today, to another Huff posting by Sahdguru
I have long let my thoughts have a mind of their own. They are free to come and go as they please. Yes, I still need to practice the exercise of not grabbing hold of them and convoluting them with thinking. I consider thoughts a natural phenomena; where as thinking involves choices and is a behavior. So, no, I don’t believe thoughts can be removed.
Anyway, I am much more comfortable with the chatter in my head since I began to realize it is not important that I understand or entertain it. I think that feeling of needing to comprehend random thoughts was not serving me well.

I , also responded to another comment about the same article:

What if thoughts; and I mean the random spontaneous variety, were not words at first? What if they started out as a cosmic vibrations and as they were filter though a bunch of gray matter they were translated into words? Actually, I believe the transition is: vibration to imagery and then into words. If the human race is just one big brain, it stands to reason that the vibrations and imagery are universal, but are individually translated into a myriad or plethora of personalized phonetics.

This keeps rolling the more I review your piece. I had an exchange with a guy on Twitter about observing the difference between boredom and being relaxed. I suggested it be considered that boredom was a way the ego implies one “should” be doing something.

Anyhow, yeh, I could keep all this to myself, but that doesn’t seem to ameliorating. After all, these comment boxes look so sad when they are empty.

Mindful Anger Management

Well, Laura, Ms Harvey … my first thought is that your piece should generate participation. Here’s mine. Dare I introduce my words with the acknowledgement that I have some strong feelings and clearly defined thoughts about anger, as well as, a few foggy whispers still floating around in a gaseous state.

First and foremost, I consider anger a form of denial. I don’t believe it has anything to do with our spiritual natures; with perhaps the exception that our souls possibly use our human natures to show us were we need to pay attention.

Anger is a secondary emotion. It is born out of a variety of fear based emotions. Love in any form will rarely stimulate anger; well, unless selfishness is blended in. Your line “Our minds will take us down a winding road while our frustration, anger and resentment intensify.” is perfect. Abra ca dabra … frustration, but we don’t want to own the selfish self centered arrogance of why we are frustrated so … bada bing – anger; a rush of anger can be intense with an overwhelming physical experience … bata boom – we stretch it out and carry it around, as a resentment because, in our arrogance and ignorance we are sure we are justified and naively confident that over time we will resolve this illusion that we don’t even know we created.

Yeah, sure, some people are fairly adept and reprogramming their own defense systems. Some people can bend their anger into purportedly productive channels, or so they believe.

To sum up:

Anger does not arise from what happens. Anger is born out of how we feel about what happens. None of the feelings resulting from acceptance convert to anger. Humility can not instigate anger. Only a wedge of selfish, self centered arrogance will plow the pastoral landscape from which fear based emotions sprout into stalks of anger; and the more bullshit that is spread around the faster it grows.

What to Do While Searching for Your Soul’s Misplaced GPS

I always hope that what I share is in context. Yes, I perceive the context as rather broad, dare I say Universal. So…….

On April 15, which was the last day in a week long celebration of Thailand’s Lunar New Year, aka the Songkran Festival, I was tasked with delivering some bamboo satay sticks to town. To do so involved passing through a series of aquatic gauntlets. At one such festive and wet gathering a young boy about four ran, with intent, straight into my path.

Fortunately … Good fortune lately, for to innately …

It could have been horrible! It is easily, effortlessly, considered a “bad experience”, but I’m not sure. A modest tweaking of events by a second or two … but no, the experience produced empirical data. It did happen!

I was going slowly, I hadn’t been drinking (27 years), I believe my reactions minimized the impact, I had my helmet on. I was inordinately calm. I remember feeling … strange, as I loudly addressed my concerns for the boy. I, almost had a flush of terror, but that feeling that everything was ok wouldn’t abate … no time for details; eventually they will be in my blog http://gemsviathailand.com

I have started the story.

I am oft reminded of the old story of David and the Lion’s den. The most impressive lesson from that parable, for me, was when he knew BIG trouble was coming, he went home, went up to the highest room of his house (Some might consider that symbolism for the fontanel.) and … and, this word is critical … and he “CONTINUED” to pray.

He had a long established good habit; and look how it served him.

Juan Williams Asks Pat Buchanan: ‘Are You A Racist?’

My quick impression of PB statement defining racism, defines him. In my opinion it is ever important to maintain a perspective of change – evryhting morphs in an ever fluid society.

The primary concept with which to illustrate this is “abuse.” In its essence abuse is the deprivation of freedom. Way in the past- ancient history, there was proportionally less abuse because freedom was rare. Yes, it looks like abuse now. We filter everything through contemporary glasses. Much of what we consider to be abuse, and which now is, was once “just the way it was.”

Life changes! Experiences and expressions change within those shifting contexts.

Being a racist today, in model United States of American culture is NOT the same as it was when Pat was a “boy”.

What Your Heart Has to Say

Love or fear. Coincidentally, I have typed that pair of words several times recently. Yes, for me also, the lesson via Jamplosky has been an enduring one. Making that choice has often been like drawing out a divining rod and gently holding it to see which way it bends. I has not been uncommon that when faced with a difficult choice between diverging avenues, my mind is first to react. Ah … to be able to find the patience, flush the rush of uncertainty and trust the slow response. There have been times I used “Love or fear” as a mantra; sinking into it as if riding a descending pendulum. Invariably love stills the sway and the fear fades.

I am reminded of several specific instances – thank you. Namaste

2012: Your Best Year Yet — Sticking With Your Plan

As I recall, I came across this excerpt from Poor Richard’s Almanac by Ben Franklin when I was in the 9th grade. That would be about almost fifty years ago.

Tomorrow I’ll reform
The fool doth say
Today’s too late
The wise did yesterday

I can look back and see how ineffectual I was at heeding my own chosen credo. After several decades of … of, ah …ah, less than perfect results, I was guided to planning the plan – not planning the results. That was a helpful compromise. Somewhere around that time I picked up on the idea of intention.

I’m slouched with one leg up on my desk. There’s a fan moving cooling air passed me and I have selected a series of soothing sounds to accompany my visit. I saw the Huff’s email notification this morning. I intended to get back to it.

It is fair to share that I am well removed for the hustle and bustle. On a daily basis, I am re-refreshed and out of the work force. I’m 17 days away from the start of Social Security. I moved to Thailand four years ago. The “Land of Smiles”: where meager funds can be stretched and village life supports less complicated intentions.

Whitney Houston & Giving Up Smoking

Nice blend, Les. Your homage to Whitney was touching and appreciated. It can be sad when people we admire to go off on a seemingly misdirected path.

Who knows? I sure don’t. As Will Rogers put it so aptly and applicably fro my travels, “It was a long road getting here and not all of it was paved.”

As for nicotine …. Parting ways with it was the hardest thing I ever did. It has been over 26 years and I still remember the gory details. Another, more positive, memory is part of the technique used. It was suggested that I accept the problem as both a physical and psychological addiction; and clearly separate the two. For some reason, that helped. Maybe, it was a divide and conquer thing; not sure.

Another thing I faced when I quit was that I saw cigarettes as the last overt practice perpetuating self destructive behavior. Not to say it instantaneously moved out of my head, but meditation has assuaged that condition, for the most part.

As we say in this neighborhood, I mean village – chohk dee “good luck”!

Buddhist Practice and the Long Dark Nights

Well, here we are; worlds apart and connected. All this social networking is certainly shining new light on my isolationist nature. How I transformed into a gregarious hermit mystifies me.

Before moving to Thailand, which has no rain and strong sun throughout these “winter” months, I lived Washington State, USA. Year after year I would experience the season challenge. Ultimately, I discovered that technology has made a type of light available to supplement the lack of daylight. It seemed to improve my disposition.

As for observing the ebb and flow of life experiences in general, I like to ask these three questions: what is it?; how strong is it?; and how long did it last?

My wife listened to the tara mantra and explained a few things about it.

I recently was lead to great web site where wonderful mantras can be downloaded for free. The compassion mantra is most enlivening for me.
I’ll Tweet you the links.

AND … I am hoping to interact with new acquaintances that would like to post in my blog. I wish to stay with the theme of cultural experience or how one’s life is filtered through the society they are in. Let me know if you might be interested, ok?

Namaste Sammi

Family dynamics – new ways to shift old patterns

That first line “ … sitting around the table, …” I flashed on Norman Rockwell. There’s a lot of sitting around here in the village, but either on the table or floor. Well, except for me, folks cut me some slack. I use a chair. I’m just not that flexible.

On the subject of meal time, I believe that is what binds a village together here in Thailand. Kin cow – Eat rice. That phrase is mostly a command or call to “come n’ get it” Kin cow mai – Is the question version, “Have you eaten?”

I must admit that I do not understand what is talked about during meal time, but it seems like light conversation. There are frequent outbursts of laughter.

There were several questioned posed that simply aren’t germane here. This is a very poor community. What moves them is the next meal; although there are pockets developing where survival is being replaced with aspiration for the children: better and more schooling.

I break up the pattern by speaking English or by attempting to pronounce a Thai word well enough that it is recognizable. I did learn how to say – How come you ca not understand me when I speak slowly, but you understand each other when you are all speaking at the same time with mouths full of food. Everyone laughs and goes back to munching.

‘Gulf Of America’ Would Replace ‘Gulf Of Mexico’

Well … at least it is not being suggested that the change be to – Gulf of the United States OF America.

It is often over looked that the people of Mexico are Americans, too. As are all the people between the north and south poles in the Western Hemisphere: Canadians live in North America, Panamanians and their neighbors live in Central America; and there are quite a few countries in South America.

There are many outside the USofA that consider themselves to be American; and there are also people’s who ancestors inhabited those lands, well before Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci showed up, that don’t consider themselves to be Native Americans.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whom do I love most of all?

Naturally, I looked at you photo collection before I changed my focus for your words.

I seem to be campaigning for more appropriate perspectives. There is so much talk/energy about issuing in a new era of human consciousness, and yet, I observe many holding on to linear vantage points. Your world could not possibly be “turned upside down”. Yeh! Sure! An incoming force could most certainly change your orbit; perhaps even modify your rate of spin.

I believe there are parallels between the physical and metaphysical. For example – Gravity and love; both powerful forces of attraction, aren’t they? Fear has a pull, also. Kinda like a black hole.

Simple choice: love or fear.

Dream Interpretation (Finding My Place in This World)

As I inferred on Twitter, I was having a wonderful time reading this entry when I was overcome with an empathetic connection that prompted me to search out an old poem I had written in the late nineties. One thing lead to another and I learned a few things. Here is the link to the poem. {http://gemsviathailand.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Real-Fantasy_Fantastic-Reality.jpg} Hopefully, it won’t get lost in your spam folder.

Anyway .. and by the way, I am wanting to develop a more international theme in my blog. What I would like to see happen is posts added from around the world by folks summing up their philosophies wrapped in comments about their social sphere or filtered through their cultural experiences.

How does that sound to you?

PS: I spent many a bliss filled summer in Lyndonville, as a boy.

Does Your Love Have a Place to Land?

Namaste Dr. C

Once upon a time, I sat with a Hindu monk. Often a wisp of a smile would brighten his face as he looked around the room. Starting softly and trailing off to barely audible, he would chant – LOVE, LOVe, LOve, Love, love …. I don’t know about the others, but the pull of his voice as his words faded was profound for me. I still hear him whenever I listen.

Valentine’s Day gets very little attention in Thailand. It is mostly a Western tradition. My observation is that Joie de Vivre is more prevalent around here on a daily basis. I love that continuity and pervasiveness. Good trade!

I just did a piece called Trust. [ http://gemsviathailand.com/trust ] In it there was a three word paragraph: Love or fear! I, also, recently read a piece that put forth the idea that love and the ability to love can be and is expanded by exercise. The image I got was of a metaphysical body builder and then I heard – LOVE, LOVe, LOve, Love, love …. I actually realized I was better being with love/Love. That felt good. It still feels good; actually better than yesterday. I look forward to tomorrow.

Love or fear!

LOVE, LOVe, LOve, Love, love …. Namaste

Namaste: Greetings from the Soul

I used to say the word Namaste quite often. Not as often as I type it these days, but frequently. Perhaps the Thai equivalent is sawadee (With men adding krb, which has dozens of pronunciations and women adding ka, which usually sounds the same, as in, I pahkt my cah at Havahd Yahd.)

Also, the “wai” is of paramount importance in this culture. No, it is not “way”, sounding like wave. It is more like why or waah-eye. It goes up a little on the aah.

However, since I have been in the village, many people are starting to wave back and practice saying hello goot muning how ah u tank u I am fine an u. Actually, practically every child can mouth by rote the above phrase. I have been helping them to understand that there are pauses after the questions, thereby creating a conversation.

Plus, the whole spirit of honoring the spirit in another, as far as I can tell, is not overtly a strong theme in Buddhism. I think mostly these folks just go through their days being the best people they can be and helping each other as much as possible. The Thai, for many generations, have taught their children: tahm dee di dee – do good get good; and, it seems, babies can put their palms together for their elders before they can talk.

I recently wrote about this subject myself in this piece http://gemsviathailand.com/christmas-day-in-thailand/


It’s all coming together!

A jump time seems like it might be cathartic. I, in no way wish, to take away from your wonderful vision. Perspectives could be compared to snow. Once they pile up there is a strong commonality, but individually no two flakes are the same. Ooops! I’m not calling you a flake; more like owning my own flakiness.

“What if we embraced the idea …” Yes, what if there was no longer a need to “earn” a living. What if the creative energy of those supported to fulfill their highest visions produced some much excess that humanity’s cup runeth over? R. Buckminster Fuller proposed such a path over half a century ago. A part of his thesis put forth in Utopia or Oblivion was that design engineering would be our salvation.

Anyway … personally, I see evolution as a team sport and prefer metamorphic process, which, ya know, in geological time could be quite cathartic to any era.

Ironically, an old pre-mechanized army analogy works well to represent a couple of ideas: said army could only travel as fast as its slowest man; supply lines were life’s blood; and campaigns were only successful if stratify, will and dedication prevailed.

What was it Churchill said? “Never ………….”

And … I like to say. Animate amelioration and let the synergy swirl.

Ego Pop

I’ve been here before. I remember that imagery. Must have been when I was responding to your follow on Twitter. Since then I have been having thoughts about personalities as snowflakes. They are all unique, somewhat fragile and usually temporary. Well, even if they land on and become part of a glacier they wash into the sea eventually. Spirituality seems more fluid, perhaps like a rain drop. They get around more and visit the Sea more frequently, don’t they.

The left side of my brains wishes to refresh the theme of one day at a time and recite my favorite quote: “Tomorrow is promised to no one!” Any popped ego can re-inflate. Don’t forget to meditate.

Healing for Our Planet

Thank you for putting all those words together and offering your understandings. I have practiced similar techniques, albeit they were not as colorful or organized. The essence of what I understand to be important is the cycling of the flow. Having spent years in the food industry – FIFO was helpful in remembering: first in – first out. Also, a modicum of dyslexia when applied to the computer admonition GIGO works well, for me.

As a warm up, I practice listening to the sound of my mind NOT thinking.

It all comes down to practice, doesn’t it?

Captain Kirk’s got nothing!

Well, Matt, my use of technology, at this time, is avocational. My blog may some day stimulate some income, but for now it is a labor of love. I consider it an ameliorating activity. It makes my life better by providing a format for me to interact and expand connections around the globe.

My first computer was a piece of paper and a pencil. I was grateful when I discovered the abacus.

Now I have a web host, a blog with a couple of URLs, I use two browsers and about a dozen email addresses. My digital camera can record sound and video. I’m using Twitter to expand my socialization experience. Tweets offer short links to Youtube, a Facebook Page and a user profile, as well as bring me to sites like yours where words like these come together and are presented to complete strangers that I occasionally click with.

Oh yeah! Probably worth mentioning; I met my wife online from about 8000 miles away and moved to Thailand where, among other things, I became the first person in the village to have a WiFi antenna attached to the house.

The Cure for Depression

Ok! I’m collecting my thoughts in this moment.

I appreciate your perspectives and the empathetically therapeutic way your experiences are shared. I spent a good deal of time in that dungeon, also. Couple of things … and it is hoped that they add to or synergize your writing. (Which is in the present as much as reading.) I believe based on experience and counsel that, although depression is predominately psychological, physiological varieties exist and are much more challenging to be free of. Another little snafu I have encountered, is that yesterday’s epiphanies and revelations do not automatically carry forward; they certainly don’t seem to be linear to me. The biggest paradox, of course, is that to spend any time thinking about any of this removes one from the present. If one is thinking they are in the past or the future – no way around that. However, having thoughts happens in real time. I like to say, thoughts have a mind of their own, but what I think about or if I pause to think is a behavioral choice.

So …………. Yup! I could go on and on ….be carried away by the present, but I think …

AND in reply to:

-[“I completely agree you can raise your general level of happiness through changing the way you think. It’s a discipline – you have to hold the focus, and bring yourself back to it. But you can’t ‘cure’ unhappiness – that’s a natural part of being human. Depressed people have lost their ability to bounce back, their energy and resilience. I learnt to bounce – then I wrote about it.”]- http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Be-Happy-Jenny-Alexander/dp/0713675594/ref=pd_sim_b_7

I completely disagree that “thinking” is an effective tool. It is hard to fix a problem with a variation of the problem. Other mental activities, such as understanding, accepting, trusting and believing, although they may dance with thinking, are more adept at mingling with the present.

A trite way of describing depression is as frozen self pity or anger turned inwards. Thinking lends attention and just by acknowledgement empowers.

Quit thinking, experience and develop a healthy vision of life.

Getting to Know Yourself

I realize some may not be comfortable with the approach I use. It seems to help me. I just change Yourself to your Self. Ole’ Carl Jung has had his influence as has that passage from Exodus – “I am that I am.”

I like the way you laid out the challenge and I believe your advice to be beneficial. Good company is invaluable. Role models for healthy discrimination can certainly be supportive. Looking at others as mirrors has probably taught me more about me than anything else.

Some once said that the most wide spread delusion among humankind is that they think there is more than one of us here. That’s all well and good, but the personalities are like snowflakes, as far as I’m concerned. A goal of mine is to negotiate a peaceful evolving of my personality. I was given an ample share of areas that would benefit from balancing improvements.

Fantasy as a Substitute for Real Magic

Nice piece. You seemed to have struck a cord within a universal theme; or at least one prevalent on this planet. I like the way you framed it. I have wondered similar corridors. What’s that old quote? Something about more under heaven and earth than you and I could imagine.

I’ve been in Thailand a few years – USA for over half a century. Magic is a very real part of the culture here; or that’s what I see.

Long ago I chose to delineate between the physical and the metaphysical. It is not uncommon that at the human interface those worlds blend with blurring edges. I see myself as one not too prone to fantasy. The mystery of reality (or Reality) seems to keep my attention adequately.

Don’t sell junk…

Howdy Matt – I set up a blog a year ago. Yup! I was hoping it would generate a bit of income. Nope! I still have adds sitting there – for what could be crap and several for stuff I would gladly purchase if I had any money. What bugs me more than selling crap is marketing methods, secret formulas and formulas and instruction for the trick to instant wealth. Anyway … I am finding this whole “social networking” adventure stimulating.

In my blog, I promote a Thai practice called (my spelling.) Tahm-boon – acts of merit. Could be charity; could be good advice; could just be listening and caring; could be considered the Buddhist version of the Christian Golden Rule.

So, I sit here listening to some chants someone on Twitter from India introduced me to, occasionally pet the cat in my lap or get up and go downstairs to drink and then eat a coconut; but all the while relaxing into a focus of amelioration. Usually, I sleep well.

The core of Thai Buddhism is Think Good, Speak Good; Do Good

Tahm dee di dee – Do good get Good

Will You Be Free by Your Birthday?

Somewhere at some time somebody turned languages around. I grew up with American English – Happy Birthday. Now, after learning a little Thai, I express that sentiment – Birthday Happy, which because of my roots always sounds like a question in my head.

The video was very moving. Namste

Here is a gift for you and your friends. Great Compassion Mantra [Free Download] http://bit.ly/zqm8eA via a great site http://bit.ly/zWjo5d I found via Twitter.

At the expense of projecting a bit of apparent cynicism, I have often considered my birth the day freedom was suspended. I’ve come to accept that patiently waiting for school to end beats the alternatives. There’s so much homework, isn’t there? All that confusion about who’s teaching, who’s the student … and the term papers. Oh well! I hear if one applies themselves to the lessons the final exam is a snap, but sometimes those pop quizzes can be a killer. Yeh! I used to grade with the alphabet; then I used percentages for a while. Finally, I’ve settled into a pass or fail routine.

I will soon be completing my sixty second circumnavigation of our sun. That’s a fair amount of spinning and spiraling. Why am I less dizzy than when I was younger?

PS: Your expressed thoughts challenged me to quest for a succinct response. That was a bit like being in the principals office and not outside during recess.

Three Steps to Overcome Impatience

I was passing through your neighborhood, so I visited your blog. Very nice encouraging words. Sometimes I think there are more answers than there are questions. The challenge I have historically faced is putting a good idea into practice. Something to do with inertia, I’ve been told. A suggestion was once made for a certain physical exercise that would help. It is purported to increase one’s will power or connection to Will Power. (Depending on preferred perspective.) It is a fairly simple breathing technique. The challenge is to comfortably hold one’s breath while the lungs are empty; after filling, holding and exhaling on a relaxed count. 5-5-5-5. The goal is to find a deep sense of relaxation with no air in one’s lungs.

I hadn’t thought of that in quite a while. Just goes ta show ya what reading will stir up!

#TwitterTip @GaryLoper ‘s Follow & Unfollow Rules

I appreciate your opinions and insights. I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks, which aren’t really tricks as much as contemporary folkways. Sometimes I impress myself with what I have come to understand. Then I realize that there is and probably always will be a lag in my catch up. Anyway, I think I would benefit from re-reading this piece a few times.

I’m on a get to know my followers trek at the moment. Reviewing everyone’s web site and looking for niches I can fit into socially or verbosely, as the case may be.

The Angel of Procrastination

Maybe procrastination dissolves in the light of day. I’m into my second “resolution” project for this new year. The first took me back through last year’s blog posts where I updated the entries with the knowledge I had acquired through 2011. Along the way, I noticed that I had frequently used the word procrastination. I, also, made a comment about having ADD and depression, but stopped paying attention to both and they moved on. I suspect there is a connection between confusion and procrastination. Maybe I will try to sort that out some day. It feels like a control vs. surrender issue. Such conflicts often confuse me. I’m working on being more permissive about where I drift. Just because I have all these high minded ideas about what’s better for me, doesn’t mean I have the best perspective.

Anyway …….. I sensed some commonality in our relationships to our grey matter. It’s not a matter of fact; just a hunch.

Getting to Know Yourself

I have spent time spinning my wheels trying to get a better understanding of myself. That activity usually ended up with a project for self improvement. Along the way, it was pointed out that “self” or ego was a good deal of the problem. All the “self improvement” either gave me a better or different version of the problem. After a while I turned my attentions towards understanding our Self. Intellectually, I can grasp that there is only One of Us here. Occasionally I experience that emotionally. None the less I choose to move forward within that quest. It seems like an excellent quest. At the least it has resulted in more quality in my moments. Said quest did bring me here today. I hear what you are saying. Namaste

Acceptance Manifests

I found your words, well, in addition to being encouraging, I found them by acting on an intention to be more open, receptive and involved. A resolution for this new year is to visit all the URLs of my Twitter followers. You are 311 and are sharing a coffee break with me. Do you like banana muffins? I sure do!!

18 lucid dreamers

Nice to be back for another Mr.Kezele – Adrian. May inertia and synergy serve you and your “warriors” well. The transition from living as a human being, working for or hoping to have a spiritual experience, into the realization that we are all spiritual beings have human experiences comes in such a multitude of pulsations and vibrations, doesn’t it? Just think what it would be like if epiphanies were transferable. I have found an irony in immersing in “the silence”. It is not devoid of sound. Perhaps, to call it “sound” is too worldly.
I have come to phrase it thusly – Listening to the sound of my mind not thinking.

Taking the First Step

I am designing a path to skip along this year. I hope to tread it lightly, but enough to keep it free of encroaching underbrush. It could simply be called The Twitter Trail – offerings of daily bread scattered as nurturing crumbs to follow.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, …” May the synergy flow expansively and its inertia welcome in warming light from many dawns.


Big Deal

I was in the neighborhood so I thought I’d drop by. Which reminds me; I once had a profound epiphany in the last house on the block, but have since lost the address. Why does an epiphany have such a short shelf life? Or is that just my imagination? Ah! If only they were transferable and indelible … Imagine being swept into an upward spiraling cyclone, without the knowledge of gravity being suspended. There was a time when going up and down was quite fashionable. Outside those linear perimeters, the winds of change frolic flirtatiously with freedom from falling.

Tapping the Positive Potential of Anger

Anger and I have not been successful at developing an equitable friendship. I can see how much of your advice and opinions could be very helpful for those with the wherewithal to respond. If I’m responding, I’m not angry; only slightly miffed. I long ago accepted that anger is an insidious form of denial. In addition to blocking a chosen response, by me, it blinds me to the incipient source. I am of the opinion that anger is the delusional bi-product of some other painful emotion or just fear in one of its many forms. I prefer to be excessively frustrated than a little angry. If I can stay with the primary emotion … well it is safer all around.

What’s Your Metaphor? Shape Shifting in 2012

Life is a vessel traversing a Sea of Life. One can circumnavigate solo, enlist with a larger crew, perhaps be shanghaied, row in a round, relax and float downstream or chase salmon, but be assured, “Time and tides will await no man.” Even when apparently becalmed, Fluidity unceasingly evolves effects.

One Response to W. I. R.

  1. I had to write you very quickly, I have enjoyed reading your blog please keep the posts coming :)

    p.s I liked “Three Steps to Overcome Impatience” the most!

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