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Did I ever tell you the story about amelioration?

The mini version is … I came across the word, it is a very old word with a very simple definition – albeit, not always easily enlivened!!

Occupying a small space in the dictionary, these few terms explain the concept: “to make or become better; improve.”

It has become the cornerstone of my intentions, the keystone of my life’s arch and I have endeavored to incorporate it – nay, blend it – into the mix of all my days.

This addition to Gems via Thailand is offered in the hope and with the belief that, if we the people, of the planet pause to reflect on the perspectives of those making the same journey, we will all have a better trip.

Here are gifts from around the globe. If you would like to participate, please contact me: remarks@gemsviathailand.com

As Sammi often Tweets – “There is always an open door for those who wish to contribute. Once over the threshold, amelioration becomes animated.”

Station Identification

Sammi Law

Lashauna D. Hinton recounts a road trip.

Chasing Pavement

Taking in a deep breath before hitting the road to embark on a very long 18 hour journey by car was the easy part. My family set out on an adventure, one that had been accomplished many times years ago. For some reason, this time was much different; I had my own 4 year old child with me. (Lashuana’s journey continues …)


Hadel Ma’ayeh transcends time in Jordan.Beautiful Jordanian Woman

Welcome to Um Qais

I recall the journey as if it was yesterday. Actually, it was Mother’s Day in Jordan: Sunday, March 21, 2010. My family was up at the break of dawn. We set out on an adventure; ……….. (Hadel’s colorful recounting continues….)


Peter was drawn to this part of the world, as I was. I met him one day during a bus trip. He spent a year in Thailand teaching elementary school. That program end, he returned to the coast of Maine, but was soon back in South East Asia. He is presently orchestrating an important educational project for the country of Cambodia.

His musings, insights and observations are archived here.


Travel Blog
Have you visited the Tiny Girl with Big Bag?

She is a world traveler and regular contributor to this site.

Her adventures are archived here


Cynthia Yoder draws us a picture of her neighborhood.

Two Ways to Look at a Neighborhood

There is a cardinal singing in the tree across the street from where I live. Its song is competing with the sound of the wash machine ………….. (Cynthia drifts through a few personal reflections.)



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2 Responses to *Global Perspectives*

  1. ken says:

    Interesting stuff

  2. Shane says:

    This is a great idea, I like just took a short vacation and along the way not only got very inspired but also learned a lot from each one. Thank YOU for this moment of peace and travel =)
    ~Expect Miracles

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