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I consider myself to be more of a story teller, than a writer. It is often more simple to sum up with a camera, but that doesn’t discourage me from the practice of shuffling the alphabet. English can be a challenging language, can’t it?

South East Asia Map




Big Trouble

I retired to Thailand from the USA in 2007. I was very very fortunate to have met and married an incredible woman from up in the Issan area. She has two great daughters. Over several years, I was slowly fixing up the family home. Unfortunately, a family disagreement (sibling rivalry) erupted. After a long legal battle, the property was razed … all my work erased.

There will be a survey and division done soon. We would like to go back and rebuild.

My small Social Security check restricts the rate of rebuilding. With your help, a livable structure could be up in several months.

Me … I can live in a tent, but my wife, and particularly the teenage daughter, are a bit more particular.

I intend to build a house in which they will be happy and comfortable.

I am very open and agreeable to discussing the project; will certainly make videos and do a lot of still photography, as the new house grows out of the rubble.

PS: One really cool thing, the silver lining, is that when the old house was destroyed we salvaged a huge pile of extremely well aged Teak. That’s the carrot at the end of the stick, for me. I love woodworking!



Station Identification

Sammi Law


Have you checked Tidbit(s) or W.I.R. lately? And ….. now there are “Post-lettes”.

I would very much appreciate hearing from you. I highly value your input.


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13 Responses to

  1. Matt Harvath says:

    Great Website! Thanks for sending me the link. You have some wonderful Pics!

  2. I love the pictures I want to visit thailand!

    best regards,

  3. Donna Spears says:

    I love these photos here, my favorite were the beautiful peacock shot and the walking cow along with a man!

  4. Seth Mullins says:

    I spent some time getting caught up on your blog tonight, Sammi. Brilliant photography. You really capture the spirit of the land – a spirit that I can say is unique, as it is unlike anything that I have personally seen with my own two eyes.

  5. Hello! I’m a great follower of this blog and have been interested in it for a good time now. Just wanted to share this as I know that it is sometimes frustrating when people looks at your site but do not let you know therefore you are non the wiser. So, please maintain the dedication you have been demonstrating in your blog! Cheers!

  6. arif says:

    These pictures show the real village life in Thailand, after looking at them I would like to visit Thailand.

  7. I agree with some of the reply’s, I love the photos! Looks like your trip was fantastic! :)

  8. Jimmy Bivona says:

    it’s not presumptuous to think of where you’re at as blessed with your presence since we were here. What a change you wrought in this piece of real estate. They will always mention you with awe, tho some with relief. You don’t let up. I gave my Canon to Charly Lee for her HS graduation, an excellent gift and now My sponsor has made it possible for me to get a new camera, a Sony DSC HX200V. What a chore it is to learn this new technology, they publish no manual but put an encyclopedia in the camera so there’s no excuse. Glorious technology it is, too.

  9. The pictures are amazing, and gives one real insight into what life might be like in Thailand. I’ll be back for sure! Reading your blog is like taking a mini vacation. Keep up the good work.

  10. Andrew Lace says:

    beautiful pictures, I loved them.

  11. Babette says:

    I love the pictures put up this way. Put more pics on here, I will visit every week and see! You are a great photographer! Do you
    still have that camera I gave you? Just curious. Time changes all things, then rearranges them and puts them back together again.
    Enjoy the beautiful springtime, do you have spring there? Glad to know where you are located now, also. Great!!!! xoxBabs

    • SammiLaw says:

      Ehhem! I recall paying for that Pentax. Could just be my memory playing tricks. Anyway, no have – my me, it went to a museum or a yard sale. I left it behind with a collection of other film cameras. Did you see that Kodak filed for bankruptcy?

      Three seasons here – Hot, Wet and Cool. Getting hot now. wait a minute; now is cold – hot is lawn. Lawn dee-oh-knee. Cool, which I consider pah-dee pah-dee, but thought of as now by most locals is a bit like Spring, but there is no rain. Sort of November thru January. After that it gets very hot (lawn mak mahk) until it starts to rain (phone.) So, moo arye phone ma lawn pie.

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